Décor | Rømersgade 9 | 1362 Copenhagen K, Denmark | Phone: (+45) 3314 8098
About Décor

Lone Riis – an Adventurous and Creative Life!

Owner of Décor is Lone Riis who founded the shop in 1989, but who has worked in fashion, antiques and art since she was very young. A long life in the business has given her colossal expertise in vintage clothes, fashion and antiquities. It all started when she, as a young girl, was discovered as a model. She started travelling all over Jutland with commercial musical shows starring artists such as Otto Brandenburg, The Clifters and Hannah Bjarnhof. During these years she also met the Danish fashion designer Jean Voight, a meeting which developed into a life long cooperation on many different projects.

After her modelling years she got an apprenticeship with the renowed antiques dealer Mr.Melgaard, who trained her as a restaurer of furniture.

In 1970 Lone's career in vintage clothing started with the opening of Denmark's most spectacular second hand clothes shop in Roskilde, which she ran with her mother. In Roskilde she was also crowned as queen of the yearly civic festival which made her a sought after model in magazines and newspapers.

But Lone's life wasn't just Roskilde; she got married and had a baby, whilst she continued to assist Jean Voigt and to restore furniture. Furthermore, she also found the time to work both as an assisting designer and model for a fur import company, which took her on travels to countries such as Germany and Turkey.

In 1989 Décor opened on Åboulevarden in Copenhagen. The shop became an instant success and got known for it's beautifully decorated windows which sometimes included a three wheeled Morgan!

After 10 years at Åboulevard, Décor moved to Rømersgade, a more central location in Copenhagen, and its success continued. Lone has been lucky to receive visits from international customers such as Catherine Deneuve and many Danish actors and artists. Vogue mentioned Décor as a Copenhagen shopping "must-do" a few years ago, and many of Denmark's leading stylists, favours Décor as their preferred shop and inspiration!

Today Lone works hard developing Décor's profile, focusing on renewal. Her latest initiative is the men's wear department. Art also still plays a big and central part in her life with exhibitions of her collages, and her continuous work with the beloved Teddy Bear Museum (Bamsemuseet) in Skagen.